{ Writing and HTML }

People always told me that I had a way with words.

The earliest I remember writing was in second grade. I had a notebook that I wrote the lyrics to my favorite songs in, and added my own little stuff once in a while. Of course, this was all in the handwriting of a seven-year-old with all words spelt just how they sounded.

I started out writing stories in fifth grade, a lot of fantasy and scary stuff. I did some tiny poems, but didn't like them much.

In middle school I struggled with anorexia and depression, in addition to the other stresses kids that age have. I got into a lot of music and found a huge outlet for frustrations and curiousity in poetry. This is also when I started making my own websites, teaching myself HTML with books and trial and error.

In high school, I revived my second grade tradition of the notebook and would fill them with poetry and random prose whenever I had free time. My english teacher was very supportive and often gave me extra or more difficult work to keep me interested.

I'm in college right now, majoring in biology for pre-dentistry. I still love writing, so I keep my notebooks and put most of my work online.

I love listening, talking, writing. Nowadays I type most of my things, but nothing can ever match good old pen and paper. I like to use pen because then I don't erase. Weird, I know.

I don't know if I have a way with words, but I've been in love with them for as long as I can remember.