{ Website History }

Chel Kingdom -- ChelKingdom.com! My first very own website, which basically was absolutely nothing. It was pretty popular around my middle school for the doll maker I put together on it and some funny news articles and stuff, but really was just for fun and learning HTML. I lost the domain name and host a long time ago and didn't feel like paying for it anymore.

Paradoxical -- This was the first webby I made dedicated just to my poetry and prose. I really liked the whole pop-up site and frames thing.

Seraphical -- I'm not an artist. But I like playing with images and HTML, so Seraphical was born. I was planning on getting a domain name for it, but never really finished my work on it. Lost the inspiration, I guess?

Insipid -- I dunno, I'm still really proud of Insipid. My good friend Kiel hosted it for me on his at the time site, candle-autumn.net.

Sweet-kiss -- I had a really rough time, in and out of the hospital and to doctors and such, so didn't do anything for a while. Kiel got a new domain and backed up my files, so Sweet-kiss was born, linking my past websites together with a blog and some other little things.

Notebook -- Bringing my second-grade tradition on the web, I put the better content of two notebooks on html pages.

Harlequin -- The first website work I did in college, I kept Harlequin hidden for a while because it was so personal to me. It's the most basic of my websites because on my school laptop I didn't have any of the programs I used, so images were done on MS Paint and such.

cLunatic -- Kiel got an additional domain because .nu ones are way fun. This page started out as just "Fireworks," my first completely imageless website. It was dedicated to the guy I was living with at the time, and since we've split up, I've lost motivation and inspiration to work on it.

Light Up The Sky -- When I'm with him, I'm speechless. When I dream of him, my inspiration comes. I've written a lot lately and put my favorites, along with lyrics from songs that fill my silly little heart when I think of him.

Cerise -- My websites have always had little themes and such, or a significant time period when all the pieces were written. Sort of like my notebooks. Cerise is more a collection of things I wrote on little sticky notes, notepad files, envelopes. It's lines that repeat in my head or paragraphs of rambling thoughts. I decided it'd also be the first website where I commented on previous ones. So... yeah. Here we are.