"Come back to bed," she mouthed to him, the words never actually leaving her lips.

He is not yours, dear, and he never will be.
Why can you not simply be grateful to be around him when his guard is down and he's really, truly him?

Why do your lips tremble pulling back from a kiss?
Are you really so afraid that it means nothing to him that it unnerves you?

Can't you ever sit still when his fingers move over your skin?

Why can't you see the difference
              between            lust   
                               & love?

Maybe you're 'beautiful,' girl, but it will only get you so far. Maybe you're 'great,' girl, but you aren't great enough. Just learn to get over how you fit in each other's arms.

"Come back to bed," she mouthed, the words never leaving her dry lips. You know he wouldn't.