So it looks like you stumbled upon Chel's blogs.


No clue what to do? Lemme help you.


You were just here, and saw some weird geometric art and an odd poem of some sort. That's the splash page.
A splash page is a sort of introduction to a website. Here, it's used to present the various sections you can visit.
You may have ended up on this page from the splash for my main website
(which is really more of a collection of smaller themed sites), thisSweetness.
There's the link if you didn't mean to come here.

The poem is a famous one written by my favorite poet, Edward Estlin Cummings.
He's best known for his radically unconventional style of poetry -- making deliberate use of different spellings, syntax, punctuation and visual form.
My writing's highly influenced by his work. ("suppose" is actually a small tribute page to him that I created, and features more of his work.)
The last dozen words of the poem are hyperlinks, each taking you to one of three different blogs.


Index of Blogs:

- "listen" is a quotes blog -- lyrics, poetry, bits of books, etc -- because sometimes other people have already put words to the contents of your heart and mind.

- "there's a hell of a good universe next door;" is the main blog, and is obviously the coolest since it has the longest title. I call it "universe" for short.

- "let's go" is an extremely personal blog and is invite-only because of this. it's often rather sad, since my happier posts tend to go on universe.


These pages are all linked -- you can navigate within them via the poem, which will sit to the left of the blogs with the same links on the splash page.


Ready now? Let's head back to "pity."


And, yes, that was intentional.