Let her cry,
let her die,
don't stop her when she starts to scream.

Close your eyes,
turn away,
Say goodbye,
refuse to stay.

You can't save her from her paradise
she wants to leave,
to relieve
herself of all this pain.

So just watch this girl
while she hurts herself
she's naive
she can't believe
the empty promises life gives.

Watch her wander
watch her fall
sigh when she falters,
yawn when she bleeds,
she never needed you anyway.

All she wanted was to be like you.

She wanted hopes
she wanted dreams
she craved something more than what she had.

Burn down the walls
the lies
the deceptions
Set flame to the shadows
the darkness and pain.

Burn and start it all again.

Among the ashes
and ruins left behind
she'll sit and stare at the truth.
She'll open her eyes and be able to see
all the answers, all she wants.

You'll laugh at her innocence,
how she knows so little.
Just give her some time
to learn to crawl.
She might see you then,
might even care.

If you look straight into her bloodshot eyes
understand her wandering,
she might not want to cry,
she might not want to die.

She'd reach for you hand.