poems, prose and
other pretty words
© 2010-2014
Chel Mercado


muse for hire

when you have an idea, run with it.
(let's just make a run for it)
take a concept and
(don't look back)
drag it out, carry it along,
coax it with semicolons and em dashes

you hold complete control over language,
bend conventionality and forms to your will
(don't you like the way
wrap(s) around
make the text convey
what you want it to say

the means justify the ending
so forget what you have been told—
for poetry is not putting
the square block in the circle hole

and although the words should sound from your lips
just as they flow from your pen

a thought is worth more
than the vulgarity of speech.

embellish it, exaggerate,
and  most  of all—create.