Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
did you know,

     my dear,
                        that not one of those giant stars,
fusing elements together as they pulsate in the night sky
         could possibly compare to the light in your eyes?
( oh make the constellations ours-- )

and  my  darling ,
do  you  not see
the love behind mine
in  your company ?

and did you know that you would save
this  poor girl's  sanity  and  hope
--it's the patience you have
that makes me  love you so--

it is the comfort,
it's your support

the understanding
that lies
on your sweet smiling

did you know
that you were everything that I ever dared to dreamed of?
               how could I ever show
all you have given me, my love?

& baby do you not see?
there is no art that I could ever learn
to show you just what you mean to me

e x c e p t
to love you
in  return .