Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
I may or may not have mentioned my philosophy
on greeting cards to you before, but in short;
I love them. not every card, however, tugs on
my chordae tendineae. a carefully selected card
whose words all honestly depict one’s feelings
and feature handwritten ones outnumbering the
printed can do nothing less than light up my face.
it could quite possibly come from being a poet,
or just a thoughtful little girl fascinated with
prose and philosophy, but I pay extreme attention
to each and every word – particularly the handwritten.
let me just say that the line that struck me
the most was the very last one – “I love you with
all of my heart and wish you only the best in life.”
It is no exaggeration to say that I have never
had a love like this – a sincerely selfless
friendship, where there is so much care for the
other that although we want what’s best for out
partner and could eventually accept a break-up,
we just can’t live without the other.
 It is stark in contrast to the greedy, clingy,
and possessive boys of my past, and is quite the
pleasant surprise.
I, however, am not used to this, and
reflexively behave defensively when scared.
So I thank you.
       for your patience,
       for your understanding,
           your love,
           your care.
   I thank you for your gentle smiles
       and sincere laughs,
           honesty, willing ears.
       For trying, for persisting,
       for sympathizing, for believing.
   In short;
            thank you for the card.
            i love you.