Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
ď..eye to eye,                                         
   we need no                                         
   words at all                                         
s l o w l y    n o w,                                   
we begin to move,                                   
every  breath  Iím                                    
deeper  into   you                                    
    Soon we two                                       
    are standing                                       
    still  in  time                                       
if  you  read  my                                      
mind,  youíll see                                      
Iím crazy for you,                                     
touch  me once &                                     
iíve never wanted                                     
anyone  like this;                                     
itís all brand new.                                     
Youíll feel it in my kiss --                          
                                    Iím crazy for you.Ē