Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
        Had the skies ever been so blue?
  I wasn't ready.
     My skirt and heels made the walking a bit difficult,
     but you helped me up the trail. No rush.
  " Don't worry, "  you said to me as I paniced, feeling the
    uneven ground beneath my feet,  " I've got you. "
     You held my hand for every step,  making up for my lack
     of hiking ability with your patience.
                       (you didn't let go, did you?)
         Something about the view from the top of the hill
         made me forget the time. Forget I was leaving you.
         I remember  swinging my legs off  the side of the
         bench,  leaning against you and taking in all the
         scenery around us.  The various shapes and shades
         of  colour  nature painted,  lit by the afternoon
         sun on a summer day. I could've taken pictures of
         all the  sights.  But no matter how many photos i
         can take,  how does one capture this place,  this
         feeling?  I wasn't going to spend time  behind  a
         camera lens while I could just sit  -- staying in
         the moment. I don't have  pictures, but I do have
         the memories.
           I remember the greens.
           I remember the  blues.
                                 I remember you.
                       (you didn't let go, did you?)
     We  watched a group of children  playing  some silly
     game. We laughed, we joked.  I never figured out the
     rules of the game, but I do remember mentioning that
     it looked like whoever was "it" just had to find one
     person hiding to win.
                ' what a funny thing to say, '
             i thought to myself.
                        (the words never left my lips)
  On the way down,  I was scared.  I let out a small yelp
  when I thought I was going to lose my balance. You just
  laughed at me and said, " I've got you. Don't worry. "
             there was one little girl that sort of went
             off on her own,  clearly tired of the game.
                ' you just have to find one person, '
             i thought again.
                        (the words never left my lips)
  I tried to be brave -- it's just a hill~!  But when the
  steps became bigger drops,  I hesitated, falling behind
  your pace.   " I've got you, "  you gently reminded me.
               " I won't let you fall. "
  I wasn't ready.
           but who ever is?
                " Don't worry, I've got you. "
                                        You do. You really do.