Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
   It’s really quite terrifying --  your
natural  ability  to take down the walls
that I painstakingly put up.
   Often I catch myself in this state of
vulnerability and quickly withdraw –- be
it  fear to let  someone else  inside or
the ever-so-Catholic  idea  that you are
never given a burden too great  & should
never drop it on another man. And so for
my selfish thoughts  I atone,  punishing
myself with solitude  & repenting in the
form of taking others’ burdens.
   But again and again you demonstrate
   your patience and love and understanding,
   your depthless forgiveness and care for me.
        More and more I find you not breaking
        down those walls of mine,
               but sweetly appearing
               at the door to my heart
                   (with key & flowers in hand)