Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.
my eyes open,
   fluttering lashes in the dark, my body
   unaware of its surroundings.
                         I search for you.
& you are already there,
   inches away, your chest rising & falling
   with each breath, eyes still shut.
 carefully ,  i slide towards you,  and
 without opening your eyes your fingers
 slide into mine and you wrap your arms
 around me, pulling me closer.
                     ...no more nightmares,  no
                     tossing  and  turning,  no
                     more restless fits or eyes
                     propped open  just to keep
                     all the bad dreams away.
   You would never leave me alone anywhere -
   even in sleep.    You gently kiss my hand,
                     then readjust to dreams.
I love you, you whisper.
I love you, too.
 & then I close my eyes again.