Let me light up the sky,
light it up for you.

    i was captivated.

          rendered awestruck, looking up at the night sky. 
          hundreds of stars, thousands of light years away
          ( little holes  to heaven )  forming millions of
          made-up constellations drawn by a boy and girl-

                                     hundred of miles apart.

    i pulled away from my window.

          ( shake off the warm feeling of deja vu )
          couldn't decide if i was trembling from the cold
          that felt magnified  in this  unheated  house or
          from a leak in the dam of contentedness, through
          which the most profound longing escaped.

                & though unsteady fingers
                pressed the light switch down 
          (they should have been clasped behind your neck)
          i could not help but 
                            be thankful for

                                          ...the distance.

                 what better way to test trust, encourage
             independence and patience. a crash course in
             communication, empathy & faith. every moment
             together is precious because they're is such
             little commodity. each  "i love you,"  means
             the world and  "how are you?"  is asked with
             s i n c e r e   interest.

          so many opportunities to step back and honestly
         evaluate means that every new day is a statement
         to the strength, the genuine love, and the depth
         of the commitment         that distance demands.

  i open the window again
  &fall into bedsheets
  &fall more  in  love